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5 Traits of a Good Manager and How They Can Make a Company Grow

A manager refers to an individual who balances an employee’s requirements and needs, aspirations and well-being, and business goals. They also connect the administration with the employees. A good leader should have various traits. Their behavior and personality are what sets an organization’s tone. Here are five traits that a good manager should possess.

1. They Encourage Effective Communication

Effective communication is the number one priority of every business if you want to maintain an amicable relationship and deliver work successfully. Good managers should be good communicators, and they should also advocate for effective communication. They should invest their energy and time in ensuring the flow of communication is smooth. They should also excel in both verbal and non-verbal communication.

2. They Are Goal Oriented

For a company such as a CHK insider trading to enjoy successful and solid results, they should have clear goals. Good managers are very specific and direct on what they want from the employees. They do not offer vague and broad instructions which confuse the employees. The ideas of good managers will be super clear regardless of whether it is long-term projects or daily tasks. They help the employees to understand what is expected of them based on their capacity and ability.

Most good managers utilize the SMART goal technique to define their expectations clearly. They then validate the expectations by showing you how they will positively affect the organization, you, and employees. The employees tend to embrace the task after they understand why they are doing it, and they become more eager and compliant to work towards the goal.

3. They Effectively Delegate Tasks

If you are a good manager, you should effectively delegate jobs. They show that they trust their employees to perform the assigned job. This gives the employee a chance to develop strengths and learn new skills they never expected to have. The managers do not just delegate tasks; they identify the individuals with the capacity to perform the job and assign the work using the right tools and methods.

Good managers split responsibilities and delegate tasks based on talent and potential within the employees. This helps to improve time management and organizational efficiency. Assigning essential tasks helps the team members develop confidence, which motivates them to do their best.

4. They Align the Company’s Mission With the Goals Set

Currently, businesses are very dynamic since they need to adapt and adjust to the latest developments, which are quickly taking place. When the time comes and the company needs to undergo this transformation, most employees get confused, stressed, and worked up. Good managers call for a meeting and inform the employees of the changes taking place. They also explain to them why the changes are occurring, not just ordering around saying do this do that.

If you connect your work with the company’s mission and vision, you embrace your work and take it seriously. Most employees do not know how their role in the organization contributes to the company’s goals. A good manager helps employees to understand the vitality and importance of their role in achieving organizational goals.

5. They Motivate Their Juniors

Employees embrace getting recognized for their work; however, only a small percentage get satisfied with the recognition. A good manager is not biased; they understand and identify the contribution of every employee. They also evaluate the performance without prejudice. A good manager recognizes good performance and rewards it. If they note a weak point in a certain employee, they criticize it constructively to realize the mistake and strive to correct it.

Good managers ensure their review process is effective. They thank and reward employees who have contributed positively to the success of the organization. The system of rewarding makes employees works extremely hard to qualify for the reward. It is important to trust and believe in your employees even if other people don’t; this will motivate them to give their best.

A good manager influences the life of a team member positively. They prepare the subordinates for senior roles in the future. To become a good manager, you will need to have the above-discussed traits. You will also need to work hard to improve your skills and be consistent.

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