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accessiBe – How Accessibility Affects Your Business

It’s 2021, everyone already knows the importance of having a website for their business. However, a lot of people take their websites for granted, especially when it comes to accessibility. They are not well informed about what accessibility is and do not take the necessary steps during their website development.

What Is Website Accessibility?

Website accessibility is more than just making your website user-friendly and well-designed. It’s about ensuring your website is easily navigable to everyone, including people with physical impairments.

Accessibility is about digital equality. It’s about showing that your brand cares about everyone, that your brand is inclusive and attentive to everyone.

Web Accessibility Benefits For Your Business

Lack of accessibility can harm your business and that’s why you need to invest inaccessibility. Here are some benefits of web accessibility for your business;

  • Navigable

Accessibility impacts user experience for all users with or without visibility. The most important benefit of web accessibility is that it helps people with disabilities navigate your website easily.

  • Reach a Wider Audience

Inaccessible websites exclude about 15% of their potential customers. If you make your website accessible, you broaden your penetration, increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience.

  • Improve SEO

Aside from making your website usable, accessibility improves your SEO and helps you rank better on search engines. By including descriptive texts and transcripts on your videos and pictures, you make it accessible to users and improve your search engine discoverability.

  • Avoid Legal Implications

Another good reason you should consider investing in your web accessibility is to prevent lawsuits. ADA is a civil rights law that requires all public areas must make adequate accommodations for people with disabilities. This law includes websites and companies that fail to comply may risk serious legal consequences.

Standards to Consider

For your website to be accessible, you need features like an inclusive design, screen readers, optimized colors and fonts, closed captions for videos, and support for mobile devices.

Start by reviewing the Web Content Accessibility Requirements Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure you meet all requirements. The requirements are a lot, and that’s why many reputable companies, including Neil Patel, use automated web accessibility solutions like accessiBe that make websites more ADA and WCAG compliant.

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