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Biophilic Art-The New Age Definition Of Nature in Designs

Biophilic art is the human way of finding tranquility in the comfort of home that Nature has to offer. Being in nature protects life from the chaotic mess and gives a sense of purpose and reboots the mind. Biophilic art is the incorporation of organic design into the interior of a space that intricately presents nature. Though the integration of nature into architecture and design is a Victorian concept, the reality of the 21st century has made people go back and embrace the idea again.

Biophilic art into modern design

Biophilic art enhances design by different dimensions to bring out the shapes of nature and curate the goal of improving physical, and mental health. The ways in which a space can be designed with the essence of nature include

Incorporation of plants

Putting golden pathos in a terracotta pot or an area palm in a bamboo basket pot simply changes the freshness and mood indoors. From adding visual interest by the beautiful deep green leaves of a Zanzibar plant to plants that actively remove toxins such as snake plant, spider plant, and peace lily, this is the simplest yet excellent way to bring natural elements inside the home.

Setting up a vertical garden in the kitchen is the new way to be practical and healthy by getting fresh herbs and green vegetables that are health beneficiaries as well as adding beautiful freshness to the kitchen.

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and bathroom and what is a better idea than incorporating hardware made from natural materials. The cabinetry offers several collections of geometric and pull designs that contain different types and shades of wood along with metals. Natural wood pulls and knobs of different colors are also prevalent. This beautiful amalgamation of metal and natural elements brings a powerful touch of nature indoors.

Light fixtures

One of the trendiest ways to bring nature into the room is through different designs and displays of light. For instance, chandeliers with stylized flower design is a visual treat in natural form. There are many elegant and subtle designs such as branches in single leaves that give a stunning appearance to indoor spaces.

Wallpaper and textiles are also excellent ways to put natural motifs in the indoor architecture that can add some antique look.

Benefits of biophilic art

  •       Physical and mental wellbeing

The effect of nature in the sense organs through biophilic art is immense and reduces stress and anxiety. People who spend substantial time in nature have shown a calm, and profound mind as well as increased productivity.

  •       Sharpen senses

Biophilic design and architectural framework create a positive atmosphere and enhance the intricacies of the development of sense.

  •       Increased retention rate

Biophilic art has made employees at the office or people at home to be more present, creative, and engaged in their daily chores. Biophilic designs also reduce the number of employee absences, mitigate turnover costs, and retention of employees and thus help in creating a beautiful and healthy work culture.


With the advancement of modern technologies and civilization, people have become somewhat detached from the natural elements, however, this chaotic reality has enhanced the urge to go back into nature. Biophilic art is the new road that has taken humanity to the freedom of nature.

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