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Devin Johnson: Passionate Leader and Strategic Utah Entrepreneur

Who is Devin Johnson?

Devin Johnson is a passionate leader, dedicated husband, father, and a strategic entrepreneur serious about making a global impact.

Leadership has always been a core tenant and foundational part of Devin’s life. It started when he was young, working his way through the Boy Scouts of America to achieve the highest rank of Eagle, then going on to help other young men do the same.

Surrounded by powerful mentors from an early age, Devin developed a strong sense of self, character, and commitment that was solidified through his faith as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

A committed volunteer for more than 20 years, the relationships built working with the communities he and his family have called home throughout Utah have proven to be immensely influential.

Particularly motivated to work with young people that are going to be responsible for shaping and leading the future of this country, and businesses around us, Mr. Johnson has taken a number of younger people under his wing as a mentor and helped them to align themselves to reach their full potential.

Serving three years as a Board Member (as well as Board Chair) of Noah Webster Academy, a highly regarded charter school in Utah, Devin W. Johnson was able to help and work with amazing folks to steward that program to becoming one of the most successful and highly-ranked charter schools throughout the United States.

Family and faith drive Mr. Johnson to be better each day than he was the day before, more committed to making a positive change, helping others find purpose, and always looking for opportunities to positively influence the lives of those closest to him. This personal conviction is what shapes the culture of his businesses, including his reputation & digital marketing company, RMC. Seeing a need to defend treatment centers truly helping those with addictions or life’s struggles he also launched what is now the #1 global digital marketing company serving the RTC (residential treatment center) industry, RTC Defenders.

In our hypercompetitive business world, there’s no real chance to make a second impression. One misstep, one small stumble, one less-than-stellar review can sink a chance to win a new customer forever.

The Reputation Management Company was built by Devin W. Johnson to help entrepreneurs and organizations better protect and insulate their online brands and reputations from these kinds of headaches.

Through smart marketing, branding, and strategies pioneered by Mr. Johnson and his expert team, clients are able to protect and grow their reputation in their industry or market, enjoying a serious competitive advantage.

Today, clients from around the world rely on Devin’s teams to help defend their reputation, to increase their influence in ultra-competitive markets, and to build more successful businesses that generate real, measurable good in this world.

When Mr. Johnson isn’t working, he is spending as much quality time as possible with his beautiful wife Tiffany and his four children.

It’s not at all unusual to find the Johnson family on the water with friends and family. Devin loves to recharge in nature, taking regular trips to go camping and fishing.

When you can’t find him on the water, the odds are he’s somewhere playing with something that has wings, wheels, or plenty of horsepower under the hood.

This is a man committed to leaving behind a real legacy, not made of stone or marble but instead made of the relationships he has built and worked tirelessly to maintain and improve. He truly lives to help others and loves helping others find purpose and meaning in life.

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