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Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes

For all the e-commerce websites, packaging plays an important role. They not only need to deliver the right product ordered by the customer on time, but also ensure that the items are not damaged. Utmost attention also needs to be given to the whole unpacking experience for the customers.

There are different types of box materials used in packaging. Usually, people are familiar with the cardboard boxes as one of the highly used packaging material. However, the corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used by the Ecommerce websites to deliver their products. The main reason for using corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are quite durable when compared to the normal cardboard boxes.

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What makes corrugated boxes better than the cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes are made out of thick paper pulp. Even though corrugated boxes make use of some amount of cardboard, the material is not the same between both.

Corrugated boxes contain three layers – the inside layer, and the outside layer. The medium liner is fluted in between those two layers.

The material is also lightweight and has some added benefits like –

  • More durable than the cardboard boxes.
  • The material used in it makes the box stronger when you put more weight on the box.
  • The protection of the product is excellent.
  • It is cheaper.
  • Eco-friendly.

Both cardboard and corrugated boxes have their properties. Cardboard boxes are best when packing lightweight products like clothing, lighting, etc., It is more important in this case how you handle the product which would not damage the product.

Corrugated boxes have a durable and strong nature, which is the reason you can use them for packaging and shipping of the items. It will also provide cushioning to the products, which you pack inside the box and also ensures the safety of the product.

Understand the difference between these boxes. If you need these boxes for small or lightweight products packaging then you can choose the cardboard boxes and if you need to pack the compact and heavy products then you can choose the corrugated boxes, which would be a better option for packaging.

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