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How Do You Choose The Best Cable Manufacturer?

Whenever you need cabling to be made according to specific product specifications, you need to work with an experienced manufacturer that is capable of giving you exactly what you need. This will drastically increase the durability and longevity of any product.

The big problem for many businesses is that there are countless wire and cables manufacturers that can be considered. The choice is usually so much more complicated than you initially think.

Discussions With Cable Manufacturers

At the end of the day, the most important part of the process is the discussion you have with the considered cable manufacturer. It is during this talk that you have to discuss vital things that will have a huge impact on your operation. Some of the vital things to discuss are:

  • Cable jacketing type – Countless options are nowadays available and you can actually customize coverings in order to accommodate all possible scenarios. Experienced cable manufacturing companies can consider various options like Polyurethane that can be exposed to very high temperatures. They can also give you access to chlorinated polyethylene, which is perfect for the assemblies that end up being exposed to materials that are very abrasive.
  • Extreme heat exposure – When the product ends up faced with very high heat, the manufacturer needs to offer jacketing materials capable of withstanding very high temperatures. For instance, polytetrafluoroethylene is capable of working with temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Is the considered cable manufacturer experienced in manufacturing custom goods? Is the company focused just on producing wires and cable assemblies at an off-the-shelf production rate? These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself.

When the cable manufacturer does not have familiarity with the steps needed to develop custom assemblies, there is a pretty good possibility you will end up faced with serious issues in the future. Custom cables are intricate and many things can go wrong. You do not want to use wires that are not capable of carrying proper voltage. Similarly, you never want to receive low durability jacketing. This would only create real havoc on the final product.

Talk with the potential manufacturers to be exposed to examples of the work done and be given past references so that you can assess service and quality. This will allow you to work with cable designers that are very good and that can add real value to your products.

Quality Assurance

The manufacturer needs to follow strict quality assurance steps so that there is a guarantee that wiring and cabling are of a very high quality. In order to be sure that you get this quality, the chosen manufacturer has to test some specific things, including:

  • Withstand voltage
  • Product continuity
  • Functionality
  • Polarity
  • Mechanical durability

All of these properties are vital and guarantee that wiring will function consistently and properly.

Never work with any cables manufacturer that cannot give you exactly what you need. This would only need to issues that could so easily be avoided. Try to work with those that have a proven track history and that are industry leaders for the best possible results.

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