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How To Ensure Long-Lasting Clean Air Using Spraying Systems

Trying to remove dust from air requires much effort and investment. And in most scenarios, dust is a dangerous occupational hazard to millions of workers. Despite this, there are many sources of dust with nearly all manufacturing companies produces some form of dust. Also, the construction industry has huge amounts of dust released during the demolition of structures that dust preventive methods don’t have much effect.

Nonetheless, dust control is crucial to modern-day business operations. Fortunately, there are many innovative methods on with some more effective compared to others in stopping dust once it becomes airborne. Some effective methods for keeping the air clean through spraying are;

Water fogging misting system

The water fogging system works when it’s applied to those points where dust emission occurs for instance impact crushers, exchange points between conveyor belts, jaws, and hoppers. Here a spray of water is released through high-quality specially designed mist nozzles to produce a mist of minute droplets. The points of application are each connected to networks of nylon tubing containing pressurized water supplied through 60 to 110 bars. This system has low water consumption and installation is easy and fast. Up the pressurization pump, the system has some filters with a fine mesh to guarantee the functionality of this fogging system. Plus this helps prevent clogging the nozzles.

Dust Control Sprays

Usually, the Dust control sprays are used when you want to wet the ground so it holds the fine dust onto the surface thus preventing dust lift-off. These sprays are made of self-rotating sprinklers that have a throw distance of between 8m to 90m. The use of water spray is among the main methods of controlling airborne dust and works well for coal mines. That is because most coals are hydrophobic so they do not easily get wetted by water, therefore wetting agents have to be added to the water to help improve coal wetting. This way this system ensures the dust is captured.

Nozzle-based fogging systems

Another dust removing solution is the use of nozzle-based fogging systems. Often, this system uses high-pressure pumps for directing water through misting lines made of stainless steel. Here nozzles convert the water spray into fine droplets. The droplets then act like atomized mist that captures dust and drops it onto the ground as it avoids the slipstream effect. Also, the system does not over-saturate the materials that generate dust due to the small size of water droplets. These systems have some similarities to misting cannons when it comes to saturation prevention and droplet size, however, the benefits offered by each are different. One major difference between misting cannons and nozzle-based fogging systems is their ability to be relocated. Nozzle-based fogging units are permanent solutions in dust suppression and use fixed metal piping in directing water. Even then, these systems are suitable for applications in areas with recurring dust such as conveyor discharge points. As such, the products come with’ long-lasting warranties that can extend up to 30 years.

It’s necessary that industries that generate dust implement prevention measures. As you adopt the best dust prevention for your worksite, start by considering the type of dust you’ll be controlling.

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