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How to Grow Your Followers with Instagram Live Feature?

Instagram is the second most popular social media after Facebook. Instagram has users all over the world. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is not only used to connect with people, but it offers a wide variety of options. Instagram live, Instagram reels, Instagram Post and IGTv are most desired options.

People using Instagram are fascinated to increase their followers; well there are ways to buy Instagram followers. One of the many other ways is to use the Instagram live feature that Instagram offers. Among all its audience, 80% of them like to watch Instagram live rather than to read any blog post or to see any social media post. In a survey it is seen that people when connected via live videos feel more engaging and tend to be more interactive as compared to any other form of interactions. Live videos are very pleasing and highly transparent. There are three simple ways to go live. Go to the camera, switch to live and select a live option and there you are ready to go Live. Though it looks simple and easy, these three simple ways will not help you to get more Instagram followers. The best ways to use the Instagram live feature are discussed below that aid in the hike of followers.

  1. Give prior Notification: Before coming live make sure to give notifications to your audience and followers ahead of time. Try using the countdown post on your Instagram stories and generate some curiosity among viewers. The post may or may not have a direct link with your purpose, but it should generate some inquisitiveness among readers. In this way, you are psychologically trapping your audience and ensuring their presence during your live session. Prior notifications help people to schedule their day in such a way that they can be free at a particular date and time. This way in anticipation they will tune into your broadcast. There are many influencers over Instagram that notify their audience prior and enjoy a huge number of the audience when they go live.
  1. Select Purpose: Though live sessions are supposed to be raw, because it is virtual it becomes crucial to engage your audience till the end. Your purpose can be anything revealing a new product, discussing your success story, presenting your failures, talking about current affairs, addressing solutions to current affairs etc. There can be an endless number of purposes but make sure each purpose is adding value in their lives in some or the other way. This will not only ensure people are in the session until the end, but it also makes them your permanent viewers.
  1. Try writing a script: When you select a purpose, it is always good to do some research on it so that you can be the correct source of information. The script may not necessarily be of a whole sentence but can be a map of your live session. If you are discussing your personal life story try recollecting the whole incidence and its effects on your life. Make sure you can explain what you went through in some easy ways. And, if you addressing some current affairs, try gathering all the myths and truths about the affair and also try and find out its solutions on your own. Discussing the solutions with your audience will make them feel important.
  1. Collaborate: This is one of the most foolproof ways of increasing followers. Collaborating with influencers will attract a great number of audiences. Try going live with great leaders or the people having a direct connection with your purpose. These will double your reach. A whole new set of 20k to 50k followers will now about you and your page. With collaboration, you can find instant results. This can be magnified by addressing the new topics from almost every field and collaborating with the highly recognised leader of the field.
  1. Be interactive: Since people with you in a live session are all coming virtually, so it becomes crucial to interact with them and greet them. There can be two ways to be highly interactive. Asking them to collaborate with you, this gives a boost of enthusiasm in the audience and they start feeling connected. The other way can be organising a Q and A session. Q and A can be in any way around. Small interactions with your followers may not instantly increase your followers but they create a very effective picture of your page in their mind, which ultimately increases your followers.
  1. Select the background: Selecting a good background and good music will give a peaceful impact on your audience. This is to keep them even a little more engaging and entertaining. Selecting a good background also creates a hike in your image among your viewers. On the other hand, popular but relatable music with your purpose helps your audience to prepare a mindset and watch your session till the end.
  1. Make the use of an Event: There are many famous personalities over Instagram that go live when they come to some event. This is because this gives them information about making the event. The background fun makes them delighted as they feel even more connected and consider you as a source of updates. Also, going live when you are at a party can show the fun side of your life. These live sessions can act as a bridge between their wishes for being at the event. Apart from this, these live events will create hype and anticipation among your followers, ensuring their presence for your next live event.

Hosting a tutorial session, interviewing a customer, talking to a customer etc. can be some other ways of reaching a great number of people. After adopting all the strategies, it becomes essential to know your interest. This way you can make sure that your audience lasts till the end.

Uploading wise, informative, and fun posts will make your followers consistent. Hike in followers will not only make you famous but also helps getting more likes over your posts. However, you can always buy Instagram likes for more reach.

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