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Fire protection systems are crucial for the safety of people as well as the building. These protection systems are an investment that will pay long-term returns only when they have been taken good care of. Proper maintenance and upkeep of the fire and smoke alarms, along with the fire extinguishers, is necessary. You must get experts from Lumar Fire Protection to carry out a timely inspection. However, maintenance of the equipment is something which one can do on their own. This will help you to ensure that the systems are working at all times. Here is how you can maintain the alarms and fire extinguishers.

Maintaining Smoke or Fire Alarms and Detectors

The detectors and alarms are crucial parts of the fire protection system. Hence, there is a need for them to be tested now and then. Testing them is pretty easy. All you have to do is press the test button. The batteries of the alarms and detectors should be changed once a year, at least. Ensure that they are placed in appropriate locations and shouldn’t be installed near draft areas like the vents or windows. The detectors should be there on every floor, and the basement is not excluded. The alarms should be kept clean, so ensure that they are dusted often. They mustn’t be painted over. Everything has its life, and so do the smoke detectors. They should be replaced after a decade. If there is any kind of damage or defect in the detector or alarms, they should be replaced soon.

Maintaining Fire extinguishers 

All kinds of fire extinguishers need to be inspected regularly to ensure that they are working correctly. A fire extinguisher, when working correctly, can extinguish the fire before it begins to spread. There are different kinds of fire extinguishers there, and each has its own unique way of working. To ensure that the extinguisher is in good condition, make sure that the nozzle and the extinguisher’s hose are not damaged or hindered in any manner possible. There should be absolutely no dent, rust, or dirt on the pump. The pin and the tamper seal of the extinguisher should not be damaged and should be intact. The extinguisher should be at the recommended level of pressure; make sure to check that. The needle should not too high or too low. In case the fire extinguisher has been used, make sure it is recharged immediately.

Regular inspections

Proper care and maintenance are required for the appropriate functioning of the fire equipment system. A fire equipment system that works well can help to prevent loss and damage of life and property. Timely inspection checks of the system, paired up with maintenance, can help to ensure that. Carrying out maintenance of the equipment might sound like a tedious task. Still, it isn’t, especially if you turn it into a routine. Prevention is always better than cure. Pairing up inspections and maintenance can help to save numerous lives in the longer run.

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