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Successful Email Marketing Design MUSTS

As an Email Marketing Agency we know that Newsletters and campaigns are an amazing tool where we get to experiment with endless creativity, nevertheless, if you don’t fully know or understand your customer you’ll probably won’t hook or engage your audience and your email might get easily lost – unread, unopened or deleted. But there are some MUSTS that will help your emails get read and achieve your Email Marketing goals.

The heart follows the eyes.

An effective email will grab the attention and also motivate your audience to click and eventually purchase. Your content should add value, educate, inspire and better yet: look great. Here we’ll review some of the design elements you should consider to increase your click through rate in your email campaigns.


The layout of your campaign determines the way in which your readers will consume your information, so take into consideration that a boring block of text is easier to ignore but a creative design moves the eye to where you want to direct the attention. Use this in your favour and break your email into horizontal blocks or layers, this way you’ll be able to experiment and just make sure that what comes next is intriguing enough to keep your subscribers reading and add button CTAs to help increase the click-through rate.


The use of color helps set the tone of communication and will certainly set a strong atmosphere with an emotional response and sense of familiarity. Use colors related to your brand so your audience recognize your emails and get you in their top of mind. Stay true to your brand even if you want to mix it up and try to be consistent so you can boost that instant recognition.


When talking about typography, look for a set of fonts that aligns with your brand and feel free to get creative or improvise when you send special occasions campaigns. An important thing to keep in mind is that less is more, don’t go too crazy and limit yourself to three or four fonts per email or if you prefer you can also keep it simple and use only two. Your selected font should complement your copy and when talking about CTAs try with one that stands out and is visible and legible.

Negative Space

This one is a powerful visual tool, white areas that contrast and also give the eye a break.

The negative space will help create awareness and keep the reader focused and intrigued, the challenge of the designer is to make the email look simple and clean but also to hook the eye and captivate the audience. Spreading out elements with a healthy amount of white space is not only a good practice but also necessary for a smooth read and content consumption.


Give that extra on tour emails with movement that attracts attention. Animations can also fit a lot of information in a few frames. Whether you’re adding a bit of fun or using it to display a lot of information, GIFs have the power of storytelling and engagement so don’t hesitate to use them every now and then.

If you’re looking for some inspiration you can always browse on some email marketing platforms examples or take a look at Great Email Templates for Email Marketing and use what works best for your brand, don’t be scared to test new things and reach out to experts for consultation.

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