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What Is ID Technology, Labeling And Integrated Labeling Systems?

ID technology is meant for providing industry-leaders with labeling, automation, marking and label production solutions for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and personal care and packaging solutions.

By and large, the packaging industry is getting the maximum benefit of ID technology. The technology is being used by the label designers, printers as well as material converters that specialize in a wide range of products including overlays, decorative products, die-cut components, branding products, adhesive tapes and several security applications.

What are Labeling Systems?

Labeling systems are used for applying pre-printed labels to the packages, to the products, to the cartons cases, pallet loads for the traceability and for the product identification. They are primarily used for applying labels to the products for promoting their brand image. Content of these labels can vary from white bar code to simple black to 1D or 2d code that are used for identification to a complex multicolor product label which can be used for creating captivating brand identities.

What are Automatic and Semi-automatic Labeling Systems?

Labeling systems are made available in a wide variety of configurations. Each of this is suited for applying labels that can meet specific requirements. There are semi-automatic label printer applicators also that can be set up manually for the labeling purposes.

There are fully automatic labeling machines also that can be integrated into the production process for applying labels to the passing products at production line speeds. There can be a number of labeling solutions that include print-and apply label printer applicators which produce labels individually that can be then applied to the packages or to the shipping loads.

Advantages of Choosing Integrated Labeling System:

Integrated labeling system has been a buzzword. Companies that develop and flourish in the digital age have a tendency to accumulate the technology as per their specific needs for the different departments.

In most of the instances, this tech accumulation occurs without any thought towards overall system architecture that can make many of these machines incompatible with each other. Navigating these disparate systems and finding the right information for performing the correct function can drain the entire productivity and can cause a lot of problems.

If it is just a smaller scale company, a single person can be in charge of developing the labels and applying the same to the packaging. But, when the company grows and volume of the production increases, these tasks can be more time consuming and are prone to errors. When the entire system gets centralized, label creation can be industrialized and efficiency can be improved to a great extent.


Integrated labeling systems are built for their simplicity. There are different data sources and machines that are designed to work in a perfect harmony with each other and through a centralized interface.

Integrated labeling systems operate by gathering information from the various systems. With the help of ID technology and the correct packaging solutions, any labeling industry can expect to thrive and have the best value for their money in the market.

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