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Frequently Asked Questions about tree relocation services

-What is tree relocation?

Tree relocation is moving a tree from one location to another. This can be done for various reasons, including construction projects, landscape design, and even to help preserve endangered species.

-How do you relocate a tree?

Relocating a tree depends on the size and type of tree being moved. For smaller trees, it may be possible to dig up the roots and replant the tree in its new location. More giant trees may need to be moved using specialized equipment, such as cranes or helicopters. Also, search for a tree relocation company.

-Is there anything I need to do before my tree is relocated?

It is essential to have a plan in place for where your tree will be relocated. This plan should include the size of the tree, the type of soil it will be planted in, and how much water it will need. You should also ensure that the new location has enough space for the tree to grow.

-How long does it take to relocate a tree?

The amount of time it takes to relocate a tree depends on its size and the distance it is being moved. A small tree can usually be moved in a few hours, while a large tree may take several days.

-How much does it cost to relocate a tree?

The cost of relocating a tree depends on several factors, including the size of the tree and the distance it is being moved. Generally speaking, the larger the tree and the further it moves, the more expensive it will be.

-Can just anyone relocate a tree?

No, you will need to hire a professional tree relocation service in most cases. This is because relocating a tree can be complicated and dangerous if not done correctly.

-What are some of the risks involved with relocating a tree?

If done improperly, relocating a tree can damage its roots or even kill it. It is also essential to make sure that the new location is suitable for the tree, as it may not be able to survive in a different climate or soil type.

-Are there any benefits to relocating a tree?

Yes, there are many benefits to relocating a tree. This can include preserving endangered species, increasing property values, and improving the look of your landscape.


Tree relocations are complex and hazardous operations, but there are several advantages to completing them. If you’re considering moving a tree, get expert help and prepare for the new site ahead of time.

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