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Using Health and Safety Management Software: Why Ditch the Paper

When looking for an important business document, the last thing you want it so dealing with piles of paper or cumbersome excel spreadsheets. Whether it is an inspection or audit report or a risk assessment document, moving from paper to software will help you avoid wasting time. This article highlights the reasons to use health and safety management software instead of paper.

Prevent Data Duplication

When it comes to health and safety management, using paper can lead to duplication of work. After performing a site inspection on paper and acquiring all supporting documentation, you must return to the office and copy it over to excel or a word document and scan other materials. As you repeat the same task, you waste valuable time. Depending on a paper-based system leaves actioning tasks to suffer. You can avoid all the hassles and wasted time by using health and safety software.

Reduce Clutter in Your Work Area

Software-based health and safety management system will free up space in your work areas and office. You will need space for piles of paper and filing cabinets. In fact, you may even need external storage space for bigger document output. By moving your health and safety documentation online or in the cloud, you limit storage capabilities.

Improve the Way you Manage Files

Despite having a filing procedure in place, paper documents can still become misplaced or lost. Plus, these documents are at risk of fire and water damage. Digital documentation offers an easier-to-navigate sorting system. Also, it reduces the amount of time spent refiling through piles of risk assessments and method statements look for a particular document. With digital files, you can easily track the origin and changes made to a document, which is quite essential to health and safety management.

Improve Remote Working

Safety management system software allows your staff to be more mobile in their work. With mobile capabilities, staff report incidents and hazards as they take place. A digital system better facilitates offsite meetings and inspections. Moreover, remote working allows staff to work offsite and at home.

Improve Data Security

Paper documents are not quite safe as they may be kept in an office to which anyone can have access. With a software management system, you can restrict access to some documents or made them available at will. While software- and cloud-based systems can experience data loss, they make it easier to back-up on hard drives and retrieve.

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