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Important travel-size health products your hotel should always have available


Guests travelling long distances to get to your hotel will more than likely want to freshen up once they arrive. Soap is a necessary staple that every hotel should provide. It is designed to cleanse the skin of dirt, bacteria and sweat leaving the body refreshed and sanitary. Soaps come in a huge variety of scents and brands.

What to look for in a hotel soap

Soaps should be individually wrapped and in 20 to 40-gram portions. The soap you choose must be deodorising to cleanse the skin sufficiently and it is a good idea to select a hypoallergenic variety or at least have them on hand if a guest requests it. Some brands of soap can make the skin itchy, to avoid this ensure it has moisturising properties.

Body Wash

Body wash is essentially an alternative to soap and is preferred by many. It is important to offer your guests both, plus the one they don’t use for their body they will more than likely use as a hand soap.

What to look for in a hotel body wash

Choose a brand that not only looks great but is suitable for sensitive skin. Offering your guests a complimentary travel-sized body wash is standard although, it can be wasteful. If you can opt for eco-friendly options to reduce your impact on the environment. The size should be around 10ml to 30ml.

Hand sanitiser

Offering a hand sanitiser ensures that the hygiene of your hotel is withheld to the highest standard. While you can have larger more economical pumps located around the hotel, the travel -size ones can be used by your guests when leaving site. This ensures that they are not bringing back any nasties with them. They also come in handy when there are no handwashing facilities nearby when your guests are out and about.

What to look for in a hotel hand sanitiser

To be effective, the hand sanitiser brand you choose should have no less than 60% ethyl alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Antibacterial wipes

Hygiene in all settings is of extreme importance and having travel packs of antibacterial wipes on hand provides guests with a sense of comfort. They can be used to wipe over surfaces and clean up messes.

What to look for in hotel antibacterial wipes

You should look for antibacterial wipes that kill at least 99% of germs.


Many people travel to spend time outdoors doing things they don’t normally do in their everyday lives. This means they’ll need to slip, slop slap and if they’ve got a tour or day booked with no sunscreen packed and no store nearby to purchase it, this can be a huge inconvenience and put a dampener on the day. You could always have a large communal sunscreen that guests can use before they leave but this is messy, and they can’t reapply it again during the day if they need to. Having travel-sized sunscreen on offer for guests can be a huge relief and is sure to be well received.

What to look for in a hotel sunscreen

To give your guests the ultimate protection from the sun, you should choose a sunscreen that has a high sun protection factor (SPF). Aim to find a brand that offers 30 to 50 SPF. Broad-spectrum sunscreens block several types of harmful ultraviolet lights. You may notice this on the label as ultraviolet A (UVA) or ultraviolet B (UVB). This is something you should look for. Additionally, the formula should be suitable for sensitive skin types and be water-resistant.

Insect repellent

Again, when on holidays many of us spend more time outside than normal and this leaves us vulnerable to bug and insect bites. Not only that most restaurants have seating outside and we all know how much mosquitoes love humans after dusk. While most insects are just a nuisance more than anything, some carry diseases and bacteria which can be harmful. This is the last thing anyone wants when they are away from home.

What to look for in a hotel insect repellent

If you can, choose a repellent that has natural ingredients and ensure that it is safe for use on children and pregnant women. It is best to avoid aerosol spray can types as they can cause respiratory irritation.

Sanitary bags

Sometimes a forgotten hotel necessity but they are vitally important to dispose of personal hygiene items. Not having them is unsanitary and your guests may flush them down the toilet which can cause plumbing issues or they may throw them straight in the bin which can be hazardous to your cleaning staff if handled incorrectly, both are not ideal and best to be avoided. They are generally inexpensive when bought in bulk packs.

What to look for in hotel sanitary bags

If you can choose sanitary bags that match your other toiletries items, this shows guests that you have thought about their needs rather than just throwing it in at the last minute. It also makes your toiletry collection look more professional.

Your guest’s health is paramount

Ensuring your guests are healthy and safe when staying at your accommodation is imperative and it can impact the overall satisfaction of their stay. Our team here at LePack have a huge selection of travel-size hotel supplies on offer, you can check out our range online.

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