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Ryan McAweeney Lets Us Know What Digital Marketing Trends Work

Ryan McAweeney is a household name in the field of digital marketing. He has many years of expertise and is always looking for new ways to improve his game. If there is one thing that he can tell people for sure about the world of digital marketing is that trends are always changing. While colorful ads used to speak to consumers, these days social media engagement has a bigger impact.

One secret that Ryan McAweeney thinks everyone should know when it comes to current digital marketing trends is that appealing to semantic searches can do wonders. What’s a semantic search? This is when someone searches for something that is grammatically incorrect, and the search engine pieces together what they are after.

How Appealing To Semantic Searches Improves Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO words are always going to be important. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimized”, and this is what people are typing in the search engine. The thing about people’s search engines is that they aren’t typing the same way they would as if they were writing an email or sending a text. They often just type in keywords that relate to what they’re after.

An example of this is when people are searching for a restaurant in a certain area. While they may be looking for a restaurant in Miami, that’s probably not what they will type. They are more likely to type “restaurants Miami” or “best restaurants Miami” to see what’s around. Business owners need to keep this in mind when they’re coming up with SEO words for their content.

How To Keep Content Semantic Search Friendly

If you want your semantic search to be successful, there are certain areas you should work on. It’s a good idea to focus on posting content that answers consumers’ questions. Many brands find that having a blog dedicated to this can do wonders for attracting more people to come back to their page.

Search engines will always reward brands that are thorough and accurate with their content. While it’s important to put important keywords in your content, you will drive people away if you begin to start stuffing keywords in there. Make sure everything is readable and has a good flow. Sometimes lists or bullet points can be a great way to break things up.

One of the best ways to make sure that search engines can find your content easily is to make sure you have well-structured data throughout the page. It also helps to do some internal linking to other posts and pages from your website. This is because it creates a structured content map for search bots to use.

Make sure you key in on what the topic is about for keyword optimization. It never hurts to start out with a cluster of related keywords centered around the topic, and then let everything flow from there. However, it’s important not to cross the line between keyword clusters and keyword stuffing. A keyword cluster will have just the right amount of keywords to reach Google snippets while still sounding natural.

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