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What to be aware of when selecting a registered agent in Nevada?

When you do things like incorporate a business, start a nonprofit, or register to do business in a new state, you need to appoint a registered agent. The fundamental function of a registered agent is to do things like receive service of process and other official notices on behalf of your business.

In Nevada, technically anyone that has a location (not just a P.O. box) within the state, and is over 18, and available at that location during business hours, can be your registered agent. But, your registered agent is much more than just a legal formality – for a good registered agent, responsibilities go way further than just accepting documents on your behalf.

Getting your cousin to be a registered agent, or yourself or a friend, isn’t as great as you think it will be. While it will save you money, really good registered agents should go far beyond that. Here are some things you should look out for when you’re getting a registered agent in Nevada:

Choose a professional service

If you’ve researched registered agents before, you might think the job is simple: just be in a location during all business hours. But this is just not it! If the person you choose, like an employee, is available for even one day, it is you who will be held responsible for this anyway. And it’s even worse if you don’t receive the news as soon as, because if it’s a lawsuit you may have a judgement entered against you by default – simply because you were unaware.

But having a professional service means you’re always notified, well on time so you don’t risk your business. And it also means you avoid future potential fines, as they will remind you every time you need to update something – like if your office changes location, or your contact information changes.

Given the amount of risks, we think it’s well worth investing in a professional service that knows how to handle sensitive documents.

Look for good value

The price of a registered agent should be within your budget, but you should try and get the most for your money, and sometimes the cheapest options aren’t worth it – they come with a lot of add-ons. So you should look for a registered agent that can provide foolproof document delivery and one that you feel comfortable with, and see if other things they have in their bundles are things you actually need, or whether they’re just for show.

Go nationwide if you are too

If your business runs in multiple different states, you should get a registered agent that is the same. Every year your registered agent needs to be reappointed when you renew the service. But if your service lapses, you could risk losing good standing with the secretary of state there, and this could affect lots of things, like your potential to get a loan – this mistake will be logged on state databases and permanently affect your reputation. Imagine now having to do this for multiple states, and multiple registered agent services. It also means extra paperwork.

 So if you are getting a registered agent in Nevada after expanding to Nevada, it’s advised you stick with one service you already have in another state. Alternatively if you don’t have one in Nevada yet, look for one that is available in other states you might branch out to.

Check out service level

Your registered agent should at least provide same-day uploading of all documents without any added fees. Every day counts with legal matters, so you should get the highest type of service. Some things which you may not know you want but are very useful include managing all paperwork associated with registered agent service, scanning all documents for you, and having certain compliance specialists – like attorneys, ready to help you when you need it. Good to have on hand, right? 

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