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What You Should Know About Moving Insurance before Getting Services

A lot of blogs and articles over the net would suggest you check whether you’re chosen packing and moving agency is fully insured. However, very few would provide a checklist of the must-haves in your insurance policy. Here are the basics of the different types of insurance policies available.

Released Liability

This is the most affordable insurance that you can avail from your Moving Company in Toronto, ON. Technically, it is free of cost insurance. This is because the premium of this type of insurance remains included in the amount you pay as moving services. However, this type of insurance would only cover a certain portion of the total value of your belongings. You can calculate on the basis of the weight of the belongings. Sometimes, even a valuable asset can be absolutely lightweight. So you are least likely to get very little coverage, as compared to the value of the products. Moreover, the sum is going to be lower when you are moving locally.

Full Value Protection

Although relatively expensive, this type of insurance can help you receive reimbursement as per the true value of your belongings. You will get covered whether the items get damaged, or even if they get misplaced. This type of insurance can also provide with other solutions. For example, you can use it to get your items fixed, or simply substitute it with something similar, or get an identical replacement. The premium of this insurance is also on the basis of the weight of the concerned product.

Third-Party Insurance

You will need this type of insurance to cover items that have extraordinary value. It can also cover the damage caused by natural calamities. However, if you have valuable belongings and want third party insurance on them, there is one thing that you need to do. You will have to officially include and appraise the item in your Bill of Landing.

What You Also Need To Remember

When choosing a Moving Packers Toronto company, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are the pointers to keep in mind.

  1. All the items that Full Value Protection and Released Liability insurance cover need to be packed by registered packers and Movers Company. Also, you will have to allow your moving partner to do the unpacking job, even if it involves a little bit of extra payment.
  2. Generally, the ceiling time limit to file any claim is 60 days of the scheduled move.
  3. On the basis of your chosen company’s terms and conditions, you might lose the coverage if you alter the date of moving. So if you want to make any changes in the day of moving, let your moving partner know without much ado.
  4. Always ask for a certified copy of your insurance policy before finalizing the deal with any company.


Before partnering with any moving company, ensure that you read their terms and conditions thoroughly, and understand them totally. Premier companies like Let’s Get Moving give you the backup of friendly and professional customer service. So make sure to take its full advantage.

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